Things to do in Gorleston in the New Year

Gorleston Winter Wonderland

Sometimes you want something a bit different- it’s a New Year and it’s the chance to do something a bit different. What you may not know is that there are some interesting and unusual things to explore on your doorstep!

One interesting example of something to do that is a little bit different is to take part in the Gorleston celebrity walk. Yes you read that right- while people often associate celebrities with London, Los Angeles or Cannes there are in fact a fair number that have graced Gorleston in recent years, so much so that there is a way that you can literally follow in their footsteps!

For example just past Marine Parade you will find the childhood home of superstar singer Mylene Klass. Walk a bit further down Fiske’s Opening and you will find the current home of Primeval star and former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearitt (if you have younger children or sci fi fans in your family they will be especially excited!)

But perhaps the most iconic person you will encounter on this walk (or at least follow in their footsteps) is the celebrated author Charles Dickens. It may seem strange but Dickens had great affection for the local area and both Gorleston and Great Yarmouth were massive inspirations by the creation of his well loved classic David Copperfield (it’s true, look it up).

Gorleston is also the home of a great golf club, the Pavilion Theatre (even though it is closed for the season the building itself is iconic enough that is worth having a wander around and taking it in) as well as the Page Amusement Arcade.

Like Great Yarmouth there is also the fantastic beach and it is a great place to unwind and relax before returning to any planned parties or festivities during the Christmas and New Year period (or if you REALLY enjoyed the festivities and need to recover for a bit! You may not necessarily initially want to but it can help- and worst comes to worst there are plenty of local pubs and restaurants to provide additional refreshment)

In short Gorleston is an area that is well worth exploring and there is plenty to do for people who want to take a break during January (and let’s face it this is a month that most people find stressful!). Sometimes it is easy to forget that you don’t necessarily need to get on a plane to take a break and that it is worth enjoying the time and doing something a little different, something that Gorleston can definitely offer you!

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