Memories of The Gorleston Coliseum

Gorleston’s Coliseum Place is now a bustling array of shops in the centre of town, but where did it get its name?

The shopping precinct was built on the site of the Coliseum cinema, which was a fixture of Gorleston life until it closed in 1970.

Now the local historians at have compiled information on the old Coliseum, including tales of its eccentric owner, Mr. Attree, who, as our older readers may remember, was known for dressing as Father Christmas and distributing nuts and sweets to local children.

Mr. Attree is also remembered for his annual custom of waiving his usual two pence ticket price for one day, instead asking cinema goers to pay the sum of two eggs, which he would then donate to Gorleston Hospital.

This is the kind of unique heritage that local history sites are helping to preserve. If you’ve got memories of the Coliseum you’d like to share, why not leave a comment under this article?

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