Handy dog walks around Gorleston


Enjoy a walk with your dog taking in the sights of Gorleston

Gorleston provides the simplest place to ensure your dog enjoys their walk- take them to the beach! With the sandy beach it is a great place for them to run around (and it’s also great if you have kids that you need to keep occupied at the same time!) The only downside is that the area around the harbour mouth and ravine is restricted during the summer so it is best to check this before you set off.

There are a few options- walking around the cliffs provides some great views, while following the beach along to Great Yarmouth provides a good amount of exercise while at the same time giving you a few places you may want to stop off at before you head back. There is also the town itself and the area around the pavilion to provide a bit of variety to the route as well. The area is often referred to as “East Anglia’s best kept secret” and a walk around will soon confirm why that is the case!

In short Gorleston provides a few options in terms of places to see while giving you and your dog some exercise!

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