Gorleston’s 12-Year Old Kart Hero Takes The Lead

12-year old Gorleston school pupil Ronan Graves is leaving competitors to eat his dust as he accelerates into the top levels of his sport.

The kart racing prodigy has now entered the British Championship, racing for the legendary Forza motorsport team. Ronan, who attends Lynn Grove High School, told the Evening News: “I am looking forward to the year ahead. Taking part in both the Super 1 and FKS series is a real opportunity for me to show my potential and I feel that I can challenge the top drivers.”

“The last few months that I have been working with Forza Racing team have really helped prepare me for that challenge.” Paul Munn, Forza’s cadet team manager, said: “Ronan has made big steps forward in the short time we have had him on board.

“If Ronan continues to improve at the rate of progress that he is currently showing then by the end of the season we should be knocking on the door of some fabulous results.”

Ronan discovered his karting gift when he visited raceway, which provides karting lessons for kids of all ages, and now serves as his practice course. So if you’re heading down to the track at Ellough, keep your eye open for Ronan and wish him luck.

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