Gorleston Crematorium Helps Relatives Pay Remembrance

Gorleston Crematorium has served the local community since it was opened in 1968, and houses nearly 2,000 services each year.

The Crematorium at Gorleston offers families of the deceased many ways to remember their loved one, including their beautifully tended garden of remembrance.

Inside the crematorium, the books of remembrance are on view daily, providing a lasting memorial to loved ones. According the the Crematorium, ‘The name of the deceased and a suitable epitaph may be recorded under the date of death or on a day which may bring memories of a happier occasion, perhaps a birthday or anniversary. The pages are turned daily so that inscriptions may be viewed.

The lettering is hand-written in the finest tradition of medieval illuminated manuscripts and the volumes are richly bound and tooled.’ Such attention to detail is part of why the crematorium is receiving such high levels of gratitude from the community.

By ensuring that the bereaved can pay their respects to their loved one, the crematorium strengthens the bonds between generations, and with its thoughtful remembrance services, helps people through what can be a very difficult time.

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