Free 5km Saturday Run Along Gorleston Cliffs

Gorleston Hosts Cliff Runs Every Saturday

Beach RunnerWant to start your Saturday with a bit of fresh sea air? Gorleston ParkRun are operating a series of runs every Saturday along the town’s cliffs at 9am. Starting at the North end of the Marine parade and finishing near the bottom, each of the Saturday runs along Gorleston Cliffs is completely free and open to competitors of all levels and experience.

Though it uses shared paths and some of the track consists of uneven surfaces and gradient changes, it’s not known for being particularly challenging. Furthermore, stewards and waypoint marshals are often available to provide directions and help any wayward runners. Races run every Saturday at the same time, so runners are welcome to turn up whichever week they choose without hindering any other commitments that they might have.

New entrants to the event can register online at ParkRun’s website which also contains a more detailed description of the race, as well as directions on how to get there, photos, statistics, and race times, as well as a whole host of other information.

The weekend is a time for fun, so what better way to start your adventures than with a run along some of Gorleston’s most beautiful surroundings? Shaking off the week’s woes needn’t be a labour of pain or strain, take it easy with a pleasant and relaxing run along the Suffolk coastline.

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