East Anglian Energy Skills Centre Opens Temporary Training Site

Gorleston Energy Centre

To try and get more people involved in energy industry jobs, Minerva House in Gorleston is to be turned into a Skills for Energy EPISCentre project temporary training building.

Plans for a more permanent £11m EPIS Gorleston energy centre for training are still being finalised, but in the meantime the Minerva House training centre will be used to instruct workers who hope to enter the energy industry. Initially, the centre will provide training rooms as well as offices and meeting rooms. Concentrating mainly on technical training, commercial and softer skills will also be taught at the centre.

A training brokerage has also been launched by Skills for Energy so that the industry can control training and reduce travel and accommodation costs for companies and training providers already serving the region. Smaller companies can use the EPISCentre Gorleston energy centre to determine what funding is available to them, as well as learning more about the particular types of training available.

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