Online Press Release

Communicate Your Message with a Love Gorleston Online Press Release

If you would like to get a news story about your Gorleston business into Google then releasing an online press release through Love Hopton is a great form of Public Relations. All you need to do is email us with your press release or News Story, along with an image if you have one and our edit team will do the rest. Your news story will be published in the Love Gorleston latest news section, as well as the Norfolk Riviera Latest News Area and this will then be indexed by Google and often by Google news as well. Meaning your online news story will gain localised exposure and possibly national if there is a quirky angle which other publishers may wish to re-publish or expand upon in future publications.

Benefits & Costs of Online Press Releases through the Love Gorleston Website

  • News Story Published on &
  • News Story will appear in Love Gorleston Homepage
  • Online Press Release will appear in Google
  • The news story will remain on forever
  • Link to your website
  • Costs Just £20 per Online Press Release
  • Contact us About Online Press Releases through Love Gorleston!

    If you would like to release an online news story about your business on Love Gorleston or any of the locations in the Norfolk Riviera please Get in touch or see the range of other great value advertising opportunities available on Love Gorleston.