A Gorleston Winter Wonderland

When people think of theatre and shows in this area they tend to think of Great Yarmouth. However the Gorleston Pavillon Theatre has a number of events on, starting with the show

Gorleston Winter Wonderland

Christmas can be a stressful time. It involves a lot of trudging about, a lot of chasing after things and generally going from one place to another with something you have to do. However this is probably why people often want to settle down and watch a show at this time. Whether you are a child desperate for time to go faster until the big day or an adult in need of some distraction there is usually a show that can distract you.

While in this local area people are likely to associate shows with the theatres in Norwich or the end of the pier at Great Yarmouth it is easy to forget that the offers a great range of shows throughout the year and it is worth going to take a break from the stress of the season and let someone entertain you for a couple of hours (and unlike entertaining at home you don’t have to clean up afterwards!)

The Pavillion was opened in 1901 and had a capacity for 300 people. Unlike a lot of other theatres the Pavilion offers events throughout the year so there is always something for people to go and see if they fancy a show in an evening regardless of whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter (and by the looks of it there are some special events planned for this particular period!)

The problem is often that there are a number of shows that people may or may not agree on. Fortunately it seems like the Gorleston Pavilion has had this in mind when they produced their Christmas events. The first show they are putting on is the Winter Wonderland show tomorrow at the Gorleston Pavilion. This is performed by the Tigerlillys, a group that provide a spectacular of singing and dancing that can provide great fun for all the family. Even the most curmudgeonly of people will warm to the colourful and exuberant performances of the Tigerlillys, giving everyone some old fashioned entertainment to help them get in the mood for Christmas.

However this is just one example of the great shows to come over the Christmas period. Keep an eye on this page we update you on all the big events to come!

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